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The Joker

Parklife is in just under two weeks - WE ARE TOTALLY FROTHING. Between now and then we'll be doing a little Parklife special by discussing various Parklife artists who excite our froth glands (otherwise known as our CROTCHES).

First up is an artist called Joker, who'll be performing with a guy called MC Nomad. They do dubstep. I feel that I need say the word 'dubstep' quietly because I find that a lot of people hate the shit. This includes my friends, meaning that at Parklife we're probably hardly going to hang out because I'll be where the dubstep is at, hanging with dudes who smoke Holidays and wear Oakleys. I'm beginning to really like dubstep, and am excited about seeing it live. It's quite a claustrophobic genre and so I wonder whether it'll translate well to being played live in the expanses of the Botanical Park.

Either way, below is a Joker remix of a Professor Green song, which is one of those remixes that shits on the original to the extent that it should just be called THE ACTUAL SONG.      DD

Just Be Good To Green - Professor Green Feat Lilly Allen (Joker Remix)

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