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Jai Paul

Jai Paul - jasmine (demo) by Jai Paul

Jai Paul's new track, Jasmine, has been getting a fair bit of hype on Twitter and fuck it really is dope. I say this like I know who Jai Paul is but in truth I hadn't heard about him until this new track popped up. A quick Google search reveals that Jai Paul is a UK songwriter who's signed to XL and whose back catalogue consists of a whopping ONE SONG which was released nearly a year ago. This is kind of a relief to me as it means that I don't have a lengthy back catalogue of Jai Paul shit to add to my list of stuff to listen to. It's this same fear of being confronted with a fat back catalogue that stops me from starting The West Wing or, God forbid, Naruto as I know that if I start either I'll be kissing good-bye to the next few months. Every single friend of mine who has ever made the decision to start Naruto from the beginning has simply disappeared. You can file this under TRUE GHETTO STORY. For the record Jai Paul's other song is below.    DD

Jai Paul - BTSTU (Edit) by Jai Paul

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