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Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg (Live at Coachella, 2012)... by coachellasets

Sometimes I look out the window of my office and look at all the people out in the sunshine and think that there is more to life than sitting in an office. On the day of Coachella last week when I was sitting in my office, checking my Twitter feed, knowing that somewhere in the world there is a hologram Tupac spitting phat rhymes and swinging his thug hologram dick around, let me tell you this feeling of there being more to life was almost unbearable. I felt like grabbing the goldfish out of the tank and screaming Jerry Maguire style, 'WHICH ONE OF YOU CUNTS IS COMING WITH ME!?' ... and then leaving. But that's not what I did. Instead I looked at my Twitter feed as the pricks that were actually there posted about the hit after hit that Dr Dre and Snoop were playing. SOCIAL MEDIA IS MAKING US MISERABLE Y'ALL!      DD

Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg (Live at Coachella, 2012)... by coachellasets

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