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Good Don, Bad Don

Nas has done two things in the past few weeks, one thing that is so cool that I want to high five my computer and the other that is so shit I can't even describe it. Nas is clearly suffering from the John Travolta real good or real shit dichotomy. The GOOD thing is the song The Don and the accompanying video. A$AP Rocky and other New York newcomers take note, being cool is not shooting videos of naked models doing coke (I'm talking about this), being cool is about shooting videos of you eating at nice restaurants and shopping for pink fucking suits! Nas as been on some ridiculous shit lately - his flow in this song and his recent Nasty Nas, the way he swerves between the beats, is so good that you totally forget that he's rapping about vacuous shit. Vintage Nas. The SHIT thing he's done lately is his cameo in the below Nicki Minaj video. Not sure what he was smoking to think this was a good idea. In the video he plays Nicki Minaj's love interest and they pretty much tick the box of every cliche out - you have the shopping on Hollywood Boulevard montage, the car as a birthday present with the bow on it scene and the flipping a coin into the wishing well scene. They must have cut out the scene where he tickles her anus with a feather and feeds her grapes, cos you know that shit happend. DD

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