We are the Boilermakers. Sometimes we create music, most of the time we listen to it and talk shit about it. The music we create can be downloaded for free below. All for the love.


Wim: see you hurry

An amazing coupling of a song with a video.  This actually gives me the creeps... in such a good way!  Recently signed to Modular with an album out 27th May.  (I think you both know that i'd work dat ass!)


Intelligent Trunk Music

New music from Stalley, the Bruce Springsteen of rap.  This album is ballin'.  Such catchy little samples and vocal hooks by some dude called Rashad on the production makes it a solid listen all round.  Whats more, you can get it for free on the DL here.  


Rolling In The Deep

Just a little bit gay for Childish Gambino right now and in particular just a little bit gay for this verse that he drops during the Adele-Rolling In The Deep remix and EVEN GAYER for the video above where he drops it live. The full song is below.    DD


The Boss

I get the feeling that Beyonce comes out with new shit not because she likes making music but so she can show the world who the fuck the boss is. This is smangin. Highlights include the sideways titty dance at 4:20 and the SWAT team dance off at 2:47. DD


File This Under: Great Moments in Hip-Hop

This is Busta Rhymes head butting a ram half way through the 'Break Ya Neck' film clip. I only noticed this when I randomly watched the clip for the first time in years the other day. I think it's one of those things that you notice when you watch something a second time years later and you're old enough to pick up on it. Like when Danny Zuko talks about masturbating in Grease. Holy shit he really says he's going to go flog his log! The full clip can be viewed here.



I'm still at the stage where I really like free shit. A Melbourne musician that I get into called Faux Pas has released a free album of lost songs and B-sides called Lostworks that is designed to complement his not free album called Noiseworks. It's good, and it can be downloaded here. File this under: let's get frisky.    DD


Notes From Underground

This shit is the most underground thing I've ever seen in my life. Brad Strut and Skandal opening for Immortal Technique! It's so underground that it makes Doom look like Kyle Sandilands, and it makes Disco Matt look like Gary Coleman. Sorry Disco, cheap shot. The only thing not underground is the dub. If Brad Strut knew that his live shit was getting dubbed then you know someone would be getting strangled with a hoodie.   DD


The Look

File this under: tune.      DD