We are the Boilermakers. Sometimes we create music, most of the time we listen to it and talk shit about it. The music we create can be downloaded for free below. All for the love.


Shouldn't have quit violin

Marques Toliver - Deep In My Heart by MarquesToliver

This is a song by a guy called Marques Toliver who's performing at Splendour. I'm not sure why this works but it does. Man, I remember quitting violin in Year 7 purely for the reason that it wasn't cool. File this under: should've listened to Mum.    DD


By any means

I am feeling this.

Whenever I listen to Rick Ross, I want to start slinging crack.




General Biz


All Songs Considered

My man T Slats knows how to pick a tune. He recently got me onto this podcast by the American National Public Radio called 'All Songs Considered' and let me tell you that it's dope as fuck. Last week they had a chat with Pete Tong and Gilles Peterson from BBC1 about US and UK music. The presenter seemed a little surprised when Pete Tong said that the reason why the club scene took a while to take off in the US is because at the start it was mainly fuelled by drugs and gays. Not sure whether I agree with that, plus I find it a little pretentious when people use the phrase 'club scene'. It's just a euphemism for getting fucked up scene. You'd sound like such a tool if you went around saying that you were involved in the 'pub scene'. Anyway, this podcast is swag. Highlights include the Dirty South remix of Diddy's 'Coming Home' that they play at the end.       DD



Possibly the most blogged about shit going around at the moment, this is by far the best video I have seen of them.  Tyler speaks on the important shit like Rebecca Black, white chicks, and the Rhianna/Beyonce conundrum (you just know he wants to say Beyonce).  Shows all around Aus this week should be swag as fuck, lets just hope the sound quality is a bit better than in this vid.



File this under: holy fucking shit! According to Pedestrian who quote the boss of Modular, the new Avalanches album is finished and a single is going to be released by the end of the year. Check the full article out here. Guess it probably should be taken with a nugget sized grain of salt. Plus I hate to say it but I think it's going to be crap purely for the reason that we've been waiting too long and it can't possibly live up to expectations. Like when Disco Matt lost his virginity on his 26th birthday - he said it wasn't even that good. Sorry Disco, cheap shot. Either way, in case you've forgotten how bomb they are below is a clip of Dexter absolutely tearing a hole in some shit during the 2000 DMC final. He came second which makes no sense. Step the fuck back and watch a boss at work!


the weeknd

This dude is amazingly amazing.  Listening to this track makes me want to spend all my money on cocaine and, well, listen to this track.  If he released a song a day lets just say I would have a sweet fuckin' habit.  A fo' realz front runner for track of the year.  


Wim: see you hurry

An amazing coupling of a song with a video.  This actually gives me the creeps... in such a good way!  Recently signed to Modular with an album out 27th May.  (I think you both know that i'd work dat ass!)